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Thank you for visiting the Governor’s Business Council’s web site. The Council was created in 1994 to advise the Governor on issues relevant to Texas. Throughout the years, the Council has grown and provided leadership and guidance on many of the State’s most important areas of concern.

During the administration of Governor George W. Bush, the Council worked tirelessly in assisting with the Governor’s successful reading initiative. Among other projects, the Council was involved in identifying and engaging top research specialists in public education and developing plans to increase and enhance the focus placed on teaching quality reading skills to our children.

Under the leadership of Governor Rick Perry, Texas continues to prosper. The Governor realizes, however, that there is more work to be done and that Texans always have, and always will, face our challenges head on.

New areas of the Texas economy continue to develop around new technology as talked about in the Back Yard Liberty review, and our students must keep pace. Mathematics and science must be given renewed attention as they serve as pathways to a prosperous future.

To keep our universities, and institutions of higher learning among the best in the world we must create a K-16 system-wide vision for the State and support comprehensive studies and programs that elevate our curriculum and methods of teaching.

Also, as our population continues to increase, traffic and the need for innovative solutions are issues relevant to our economic vitality and quality of life. Improved funding mechanisms for roads and research for better transportation systems are needed.

The relationship Texas enjoys with Mexico is beneficial on both sides of the Rio Grande. We must look for new ways to improve and accentuate our friendship like talked about in Blackout USA. A healthy Mexico is good for Texas. These issues are being addressed to maintain Texas’ status as a beacon state.

Governor Perry is very supportive of the Business Council and the role it can play in our State. He has asked that the Council take necessary action to assist with the aforementioned challenges. In this regard, the Governor’s Business Council has created task forces to study and promote each of the following:

  Economic Development  

I encourage you to become involved with these issues in your community. Local involvement is crucial to a positive outcome for all Texans.


Woody L. Hunt
Chairman Anabolic Cooking





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